Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mandrake Sunday Strip 052 - The Jungle Fullback (Colored)

Here comes a nice Mandrake Sunday story from Lee Falk and Phil Davis, which I completed coloring recently.

I think it was the first time Lothar was shown as a seasoned footballer much to the astonishment of the team bosses who discover him and then to the general public. The theme was repeated in later stories drawn by Fred Fredericks (perhaps more than once).

Download Mandrake S052
(Only 6 MB, ~1250 px Wide, 9 pages)

I am working on another Mandrake strip, a very old daily. Hope to complete it by the end of this month.

Enjoy friends.

7 comment(s):

  1. Thanks for one more coloured strip!

    The repeation of the themes; almost same fighting, magic show items spoil the beauty of Mandrake strips. Otherwise, Mandrake could be more popular.

  2. Welcome Prabhat.

    The repetition is obvious in many Falk stories, many a times between Phantom and Mandrake too. Same theme was used for both.

    But then 70 years is a long-long time and it is really difficult to carry on for so long (as Falk did) to continuously find new innovative ideas.

  3. Thanks Phantom Head Sir... Appreciate your efforts..

  4. @ Übermann: Welcome dear friend. Expect a classic mandrake daily in colour here soon. :-)

  5. Thanks Phantom Head Dear... but where are you nowadays? i have even emailed you but didnt get reply. waiting for your response.

  6. Thanks for a wonderful gift. Absolutely wonderful colouring...

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