Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Ever Frew Phantom Comics in Full Colours

For a long time a much talked about issue among the phantom fans the world over has been why frew publication in australia is not priting phantom comics in colour format. A lot many readers are interested in seeing those stories in coloured format as they are some of the finest ever created if we are talking about works of writers and artists other than Lee Falk and his team.

Today I am going to post a story which was published in frew quite recently (only a year ago or so) but which actually is an old one from 1978 from scandenavia. A fine story it is but in all its printing history it was always printed in black and white only. It gives me immense pleasure to present this in colour now.

Written by Norman Worker, a fine story writer, who can better be introduced to indian phantom phans as the writer of Indrajal Comics "Vultures over Vacul Castle" which was published in two parts and is counted among the handful of good indrajal stories not penned by Falk himself. The artwork is by Georges Bess. During the initial years of his work, Bess was considered to be influenced by the style of Sy Barry, and for which some of the phans target him. But I liked the artwork in the comic for a number of reasons. Now it is upto you to decide about the quality of the artwork in the comic.

Special thanks to prabhat, who posted the black and white scans of this frew comic on his blog, and from where I downloaded this and to the original scanner.

Earlier issue covers of the same story (from scandenavia)

I am away from the comics blogs for a long time now. This very comic I had uploaded on mediafire about 2 months ago, but did not find time to post the same on blog. Life is passing through a turbulent phase and I don't know how and when it will settle down for some calm and peace. Till then, the irregularity will remain, sadly.

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  1. Long since I came down to Blogosphere (Same pinch ;)), and what a treasure you have gifted... Thanks much TPH, going to enjoy it right away, or probably over the weekend, and will come back to comment :)

  2. Thanks.... i really admire your work.

  3. Excellent work. Thanks for putting in such effort for the benefit of all us Comic lovers.

  4. Hi Phantom Head,

    Your download link didn't work for me. It goes to Mediafire but there the download link doesn't materialize. I'll try again tomorrow.


  5. Hi TPH,

    Thanks for the colored comic. If you see the drawings, you can definitely see the influence of Sy Barry.

    Good work.

  6. Dear TPH , really great efforts ! Thanks a lot for all your efforts & sharing .

  7. Thanks! Lovely colouring, even better than Egmont colours.

  8. TPH, welcome back after a long time.
    Eagerly waiting to d/l your latest project.
    That is just as soon as the link works properly.
    Will try again in a few hours.

  9. Thanks my friend... it is really wonderful of you to color this. appreciate your efforts.

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  11. Dear TPH,

    Thank you for the wonderful effort. How long did it take to color the whole book?


  13. Really like the colours of the water scenes... Good job!

  14. Many thanks to all the friends for their valuable comments. It is always a pleasure to share with you all whatever little I could produce. This particular issue was very successful in terms of number of downloads with touching the 500 mark within a week of posting.

    @rafiq: hope you enjoyed this comic.
    @akfunworld: welcome friend.
    @KK: thanks and welcome.
    @The Whispering Grove: hope you were successful with the download. thanks and welcome.
    @venkit: yes, Barry's influence is quite obvious in this story. I liked his drawings. thank you.
    @ajay: thanks for the visit and comment. always nice to see you around.
    @prabhat: many thanks for nice words and welcome. egmont's colouring has been pretty average in many of their issues. you are correct.
    @jai: welcome friend. it seems more than one person went through trouble with the mediafire link. hopefully it was materialized for you later. thanks.
    @Übermann: thanks for taking time out and visit my place. welcome.
    @Col. W: thanks and welcome. with a slightly improved skills, it now takes me about 1 hour to colour one page (8 panels) of Barry or Frew (egmont stories). not bad compared to 4-5 hours it used to take when I started two years ago. But McCoy and Moore are easier because of little details in drawings compared to Barry. They consume half as much.

    I worked on this one page per day and in about a month time it was complete.
    @sandeep: thanks and welcome. hope to see you again here.
    @jermayn: thanks for the visit. Water scenes are my favourite too in this particular issue. Not bad for an amateur like me I suppose. Seriously thinking of joining a two week course on photoshop.

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  16. Hi TPH,

    Another amazing piece of work from you. Loved it. Thanks