Saturday, August 21, 2010

English Version of Mandrake Daily D065 - The Million Dollar Loaf

The English version of Mandrake Daily #D065 "The Million Dollar Loaf".

This has been a unique project for me. Translating from a language which is completely alien to me was interesting when I began but became a little tiring and time consuming as the work progessed and once the initial phase was over the speed became slow. Because I was taking help of mechanical translator like Google Tranlation, the conversion was not very smooth, as I mentioned in my last post, but somehow I was able to complete it.

Now, if you compare both Hindi and English translated versions, you'll find differences at a few places. Those are brought deleberately. Sometimes it was done to bring local flavour in Hindi version, and at some other occasions I was forced to change the text only to fit the text into the given speech balloon. For instance at page number 8 panel 4, in English, Lothar asks Mandrake if he were willing to have some sandwich, to which Mandrake replied "No, thanks, I dined with Narda." But the Hindi text read as "नहीं धन्यवाद, मुझे भूख नहीं है. Actually There was not much space to fit the correct text, "नहीं, धन्यवाद, मैंने नारडा के साथ रात्रि-भोज किया था."

Same constraint forced to trim the actual dialogue at a few other places. There was one other option to bring down the text size (and I used it once or twice) but most other times changing of sentence was preferred.

It was fun working on this project (but I an not going to repeat it again). Now, I wish to see the original English version by Lee Falk. Just to compare my translation. At many places I used common sense since google was not providing any meaningful sentence. It would be interesting to chech the original for real text.

The translation is talked in depth now, few words on colouring also. Because half the pages were printed in colour by the magazine, the liberty of choosing a colour of own choice was not available to me. I had to follow the pattern selected by original colouring artist from magazine, and I would say it was disappointing at times. Not enough care was taken by publisher on that part. You'll notice the colour of the dog running away with bread in his mouth. at the same page it was white and then suddenly turned blue. Goofed up. There are a few other similar examples.

But finally it is here. So friends, let's enjoy this interesting Mandrake story in English now.

"The Million Dollar Loaf"

Within next three weeks, this blog is going to complete three years of its existence. Another surprise package is under production for that occasion. First of its kind, yet again. Hope to see you there, dear friends.

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  1. Hi TPH ,

    Thanks for all the efforts that have gone to bring out this issue to all us Mandrake fans....CONGRATULATIONS in advance for completing 3 years. Looking forward to the surprise you promised....drooling.....

  2. Hi TPH,
    I have no shame in admitting that your site was one of the first ones from where I leeched quite a few IJCs, which I did not have physical copies.

    I watched a few quarrels and how you gave up blogging for some time and then came back. In your new avatar you took up something other than just scanning comics.

    It showed a dramatic change and infinitely more depth. I have to say that you make me green with envy (I am not sure how it would show on my brown face though).

    All the best TPH and thanks for the wonderful presentation.

  3. Wonderful coloring! Keep up the good work. Krishna Raman

  4. @Old Man Mozz: Thanks OMM. Your constant support gives me motivation to continue. Always great to have you here. You can expect something new for the said occasion. Thanks again.

  5. @Venkitachalam Subramanian: Dear Venkit sir, it makes me feel proud to know what you said. We all have enjoyed your IJC scans and have utmost respect for your dedication and willingness to share them with us. I think your contribution to our little comics loving community is far superior than mine.

    The new avatar that you just mentioned is providing me opportunity to do something new and creative (within my own limitations) to break free from the boredom of being in same business for long and be still with the group that I love. It is always a good feeling to know that my work is being noticed (and appreciated at times) by such respectable readers like you.

    Thanks for the nice comment. I always enjoy reading you, whenever and wherever you write, be it related to comics or anything else.

  6. @Krishna: Thanks Krishna Ji.

    With your comment on this post, now I can boast of having comments of the three most respected and revered persons this community has got.

    Please look for the third anniversary post early next month. You won't be disappointed.

  7. Sorry to disappoint but the version you used to colorize is not a Phil Davis's original but a italian copy. I put a link to a original page in Spanish version. The quality difference is obvious.

  8. @Juanjo: My goodness! You are spot on. This is only a copy of Phil Davis' work. I had no idea that they publish this way also.

    I have translated from french comic book version. The difference from the original strikes quickly to the familiar.

    Thanks. Valuable info.

  9. If you want I can send you a complet story, but of course, in Spanish. The version is not very good, from a South American magazine many years ago but well seen the pictures.
    "Tracing" the strips was a technique that was used years ago when we did not have photolithograph of the originals but only some printed edition.

  10. @Juanjo: Please send it. It would be very interesting to see the entire story art by the original artist.

    And the illustrations used in this version are indeed from Italy. I checked the french comic in which it appeared. They have mentioned this.

    My mail ID is:

  11. TPH : Really a great work . As Venkit rightly said your work is better than scanning . Actually what you are doing is totally different & creative .

    Keep it up .

  12. @AJAY:Thanks Ajay. "Different and creative" that's all I want to be. Happy to contribute in any manner.

    And I'm loving your recent scans of classic hindi indrajals, which are very rare to see anywhere now.

  13. INCREDIBLE POST ! Firstly in Hindi and now in English too !! WOW! Fantastic TPH !

  14. @AZAD:Thanks Vishal. It took me 15 days to post this version after it was completed. Time is scarce now a days. Good to see you here.

  15. Thanks for English version!

    Congratulations for completing 3 years of the wonderful presentation.

  16. @PBC: Thanks Prabhat. Yeah, on 9th of this month I completed 3 years here. But all my plans to present something good for the occasion were crippled by the sudden and unexpected damage to my scanner and just when I was planning to get it repaired, I had to leave the town for some urgent work. Could not materialise the plans.

    The work load is still keeping me engaged and it is hard to be in regular contact through comments with all of you these days. Hopefully the things will settle down soon to my convenience.

    You are most welcome.

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  18. Congrats on 3 years... another great gift :)

  19. Thank you and congratulations on completing 3 years!