Friday, March 26, 2010

Pinki covers from diamond comics india

Exams are over, the new session on the verge of beginning. The two odd weeks in between are being utilised in watching cartoon channels all day long. It's time to indulge in TV shows which were put on hold due to exams. Extra efforts are required to clear the backlog.

I am talking about my kid's current daily routine. TV and computer have hogged all the available time from younger generation's daily life. The most severe beating has been received by the reading habits, I mean light readings.

As a parent, I feel worried about the condition. Watching too much of television is surely going to have a negative impact on the young mind. It's a proven fact that TV viewing beyond certain limit makes the mind dull and affects reasoning abilities.

The first thing that comes to my mind to counter the situation is to provide her with more options. In an attempt, I took her with me to the book shop and bought few comics for her. Mostly some usual child stuff like Pinki comics from diamond comics.

Some covers are here. Fortunately I got some old titles which are still there in my own memory blocks. Haven't read any Pinki comic for last two decades at least but having a look at the covers from Pran is refreshing.

You can download these covers from here.

She looks happy for time being and is busy completing the adventures of the little naughty nuisance called Pinki. I am hopeful that this should ignite a desire in her to read more. She hasn't given up TV completely, but at least has started spending time with books too.

But the most surprising and pleasing was to find one Diamond Phantom comic among the heaps of other diamond comics. It is a very early issue (number 5, published in 1990) in brand new condition, which is quite surprising. It contains two phantom stories (#D159 and #D160). I had none of them in print earlier, so it's a happy moment.

Scanning of some diamond mandrakes is due for a long time. I hope to start it soon. Some nice and unread stories are there which were published after Indrajal ceased their publication.

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  1. Good thing you have done there TPH, by trying to spread the reading habit to our kids. I try to do it whenever I meet any new kid among family or friends. It's imminent that the reading habit is passed on to the next generation, which seems to have been lost in the space, fueled by the TRP ratings fight of the Satellite Channels.

    Diamond Comics is a good one to start with, hope she grows into our IJC trend too. Then there would be a lot to pick and read, and she would never put another book down without reading through. :)

    Does Diamond still hold the Phantom reprinting rights? Long since I saw them doing it, and I hope it was a old print got missed out in the heap of Diamond releases.

  2. @Rafiq: Very true. We are facing a hard time trying to inspire the younger generation towards reading habits. They are very dismissive of anything of the sorts. Actually now they have many other options at their disposal than we as kids used to have in our time. There was no TV, no computer. So reading comics and other children magazines was one of the major entertainment.

    Diamond comics from Pran are a good attention grabber and can serve as a better starting point. Thankfully I got some old titles together with some new ones. I noticed in new stories the charm is fading and repetition is occurring now.

    I don't think diamond comics holds the rights to publish KFS characters anymore. Cleverly, they published without mentioning publication dates on issues, which enabled them to republish them many times. The issue I got was originally from 1990 but appears to be printed not earlier than 2000 by any means.

    And about my daughter, she is 6 years now and is already into indrajal comics, though only likes phantom (not read any other character yet, not even mandrake). We have an agreement according to which I have to read her one or two phantom indrajals every week (from e-versions, she dislikes reading them on screen). I intend to introduce her to mandrake stories soon.

  3. You are so right about kids and watching TV. My son who is 9 yrs now can watch many hours given a chance. It is a very tough challenge to be a good parent.

    What a fantastic way to introduce a kid to reading Phantom and Mandrake stories. You have a very good project on coloring Classic Mandrake. Would love to read the finished story in COLOR.

    Please do scan those Diamond Mandrake. I am eagerly waiting to read them especially the ones scanned in Hindi 18, 19 & 20. I would like to see them in English.

    Have fun.

  4. Check out the new upcoming Indian comic - Level 10. Follow it on Facebook.

  5. @ Balaji: And they are smarter. Cannot be forced in doing anything which they are not willing to. Parenthood and its problems...

    I diverted my attention to some Phantom Classic Strips meanwhile, but now going to complete the Mandrake classic. It should be complete by April end.

    And other than scanning, I have something unique in mind for Mandrake for a long time, but not been able to materialise the project for lack of time. Just need some extra time for that, something which is increasingly become difficult with growing responsibilities. But that is the case with most of us I assume.

    You are most welcome.

  6. Very true, thanks for your efforts in spite of the busy schedule. Will be looking forward to it in May. I really wished some publisher would come forward to print some classic dailies and sundays. India is a great market for a publisher willing to spend the time to put forth Mandrake stories. I am pretty sure folks around the world would want to read them time and again.

  7. Finding the extra time to do your desired stuff is always a premium, I am trying to get some things done over the weekends, I never can get to it. Too many interruptions, social get togethers, kids events and classes. I wish there were 36 hours in a day....