Friday, March 19, 2010

Phantom Daily Strip #060 (coloured) - The Wisdom of Solomon

During its peak period, many newspapers world over were publishing Phantom's adventures in form of daily and sunday strips. Many magazines were also happy to find a space for this mysterious masked man on their precious pages. While many newspapers and most magazines carried coloured prints for sunday strips, the daily strips were still published in only black and white.

Indrajal comics in India published many daily strips in coloured format, but still there remain  many a daily strips which were never published in Indrajal ever. For this reason, these stories are still not known to Indian comic lovers.

I decided to colour one such daily strip from the McCoy-Falk combo. This is a real classic from 1956. It is D060 - The Wisdom of Solomon.

This story was never published in Indrajal Comics. But upon reading, I found it to be a fine story. A typical Falk tale which catches the reader quite early and keep the reader intrigued till very last. One can easily notice the characteristic Falk stamp put everywhere, on each panel.

Here is a glimpse of the story:

Once again there is a dispute between the two most powerful jungle tribes, Wambesi and Llongo. This time they are fighting over fishing rights in the river that flows dividing the two territories. It is a challenge for Phanotm to settle the matter peacefully between the two war hungry jungle clans, who are not ready to lose any opportunity to lock horns with each other.

Many a attempts go without proving successful. The Phantom credibility as peace settler is on trial as the whole jungle is keeping an eye on the matter. The stipulated time frame of lull before the storm is just about to be over when with a little luck and a simple word of advice from Guran, Phantom is finally able to find a resting solution just in the nick of time.

I found the story very interesting and enjoyable. Real classic indeed.

Download Phantom Daily Strip in Full Colour

note: hindi version, translated by me, is also available for download here.

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  1. Thanks for the nice comic--- and that too in color.
    Please send the downloading link.

  2. Thanks for comic with color.Its really time consuming to color.Thanks for your efforts.

  3. just love the colouring part.

    the 1st image, where you said, coloured by TPH itself is nice.

  4. iam one of the gang who love mccoy artwork with phantom.

  5. Much improvement this time,specially selection of skin colors of both tribes and adhering with that Harvey fame particular color for Phantom costume.
    Still in few panels the background color is much bright which causes 'pinch' to eyes.

  6. Could you please let me know your email----my outlook 2007 is not working properly.

  7. Good work. Could you please send me the link.

  8. @praveen: dear praveen, my email id is in my profile. you can find it here.

    @javal: i am just hesitant on putting it here on the blog, but the strip is available for all. pls just mail me.

  9. @shobi: thanks. mail me if you want to download it.

    @Vedha: Thanks. Earlier I was not a great fan of McCoy work, but I have developed a liking for his work too during last few years. His simplicity is catching and somehow I feel that he got some of the best stories to work on.

    thanks for approving the colouring job too. if you want it, please give me your mail id. It won't be used for spamming or advertising, you can be sure about it. :-)

    @CW: yes, i know which panel you are referring to. i had noticed it myself but was too lazy to correct it. thanks for feedback as always.

  10. Dear PhantonHead - Nice Coloring, your knowledge and energy amaze me... Keep up friend... You never know when you color these strips and share with others, you may be coloring their day :)

  11. @ Übermann: It has now become sort of addiction for me. If not been able to colour for a few days, feel something lacking. Will continue till I am enjoying the state.

    Thanks. give me your mail id so that i can send you link for this strip.

  12. Wow seems to be a interesting comic.Thanks for providing it here.

    Indian Advertising Network

  13. Hi tph,

    nice work, but can you avoid tph tags on the strips ?


  14. @Amit: thanks and welcome.

    @ Scanarama: thanks and welcome. I try to put those stamps at places where they do not affect the stroy or illustrations. But yes, they may cause distraction, I feel. So from next time, I'll reduce the size of the stamp.

  15. Hallo Folks!

    I´d like to thank you all for the great conservational work you have been doing.These posts are amazingly wonderful!