Friday, September 5, 2008

TPH #053 Saanpon Ki Devi (part 1) - Phantom (Indrajal Comics V25N27)

In those days when Lee Falk's Original Sunday and Daily Strips were regularly publishing in different publications, some of the most exciting things to look for in the news paper and magazines were these fine pieces of artwork alongwith the intriguing suspense of the storyline. Illustrated by legends like Sy Barry and Fred Fredricks, each new day usually began with a look at that particular day's daily strip.The excitement of the rolling stroy was great.

It gives me an idea. Usually I soon get bored with the routine excercise of posting comics in the similar manner again and agin, So as an attempt at finding some more pleasure myself, am starting a new experiment. Each day, I'll post one page of this excellent phantom story from indrajal comics, till all the pages are posted, and then will provide a download link.

The above said way of posting is only for this comic, Indrajal Comics V25N27 (and its sequel V25N28 of course) and other regular posts will continue to be posted simultaneously in the usual way. That means I'll be posting other comics alongwith this one at little intervals.

Page 2

Toma, Guran's son and Rex's best friend, in danger. Phantom to the rescue.

This is a fine story from 1988, a time when publishers were finding it increasingly difficult to sustain the popularity and demand of indrajal comics in india. It was a sad phase during which they made several attempts to keep the flame burning. Many different strategies were adopted to engage readers, iincludin various surveys conducted in the indrajal itself about the viewers choice of heroes, more indian characters or foreign etc. But unfortunately nothing could save the publishing house from shutting down and thus a sweet era of indrajal came to a cruel end.

Thanks to all those friends, who gave their valuable feed-back on the topic of last post, i.e., regarding the scan size of the images. Chandan, Saif, Deb, O,I.C. (Frank), Mozz, Ajit, Dr. Ravi Gokhle, dara and anonymous. Most agree that a small file size is preferable over a huge one but in such a way that doesn't harm the quality of the scans.

I am in total conformity with Frank's opinion when he says:
"Two versions can be provided, a low quality (size ~ 5-10 mb) version and a high quality (saved at best possible quality as can be done) can be provided. remember never compromise quality for quantity for such rare gems which may never see a rescan..."
May be this is the best solution. Meanwhile enjoy, or rather start enjoying the latest phantom issue on blog.

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  1. Where is the download link?

  2. It is anyway frustrating to wait for comics. Now you want to increase that?

  3. Illustrated by legends like Sy Barry and Fred Fredricks, each new day usually began with a look at that particular day's daily strip.The excitement of the rolling stroy was great.

    Those who'd experinced such Daily excitements were d LUCKIEST chaps!! I'm myself very much aware of such daily excitements as I use 2 read TARZAN(was fascinated abt this jungle-hero!) from our daily when I was just 7-yr & it's ME who use 2 collect d newspapers @1st place,,,JUST 2 read tht Tarzan strip!!:))
    And by d way,allthough IJC/DC Published colored versions,BUT They BOTH had edited P/M pretty often & worse,filled those panels wid theeir crappy arts,,,which destroyed ORIGINAL Claasic a bit!! :(( That's why I always prefer a B/W Unedited P/M Strip,,

    Btwn,this NEW way is interesting,,,and rite choice of story as this is one-of-best from Falk's '80s creations! KEEP IT UP,,

  4. TPH: I think posting a page a day sounds like a good idea. Provided you keep up posting regularly, it'll be nice to find a page to read everyday just like the dailies.

    You could also consider post a page each from 2 comics as a variation.

  5. Anon: Wait for some time dear. It's a new experiment. Other normal posts will continue side by side.

    Dara Unedited versions are no doubt better, for they are 100% original without any mixing/cropping by local artists.

    I read Tarzan only in comic book form, cause the papers we subscribed were not publishing these.

    Let's see how people view the new experiment.

    agniborgi1999: You'll have to wait for someone else delivers it's english version. Sadly I don't have it.

    Deb: I'll be posting a page regularly, in the early hours of the day (between 5 and 5:30 AM, so that the dawn of each new day can bring something for the readers. That's the recent plan. Hope I am able to stick to it.

  6. Thats nice... posting a page a day ... wow..something new... but we will have to wait for 23-30 days for one comics.... so just one comic a month ... that is not fair.. .pls reconsider.... at least 2-3 comics a month will be more better.... and ofcourse a download link at the end of each comic will be much appreciated...

    all the best for the new experience...


  7. Quite intersting way of posting... please be regular :)

    Danke Schön

  8. I forgot to add my remark on Deb's suggestion in his last comment. I think it is a very good idea to post one page each from a two different comics per day. I can imagine the positive impact of this variation. Thanks Deb. This is a very good idea. Let's see how soon it can be materialised.

    Saif: I knew there would be some confusion, that's why tried to make it very clear in my post that other comics will also be coming alognwith this regular daily. So, don't worry. There'll be more than one comics a month, hopefully three or four.

    Übermann: Thanks for feed-back dear. Be assured, there will be regular posts early in the morning.