Monday, September 8, 2008

Page 5: Saanpon Ki Devi (part 1) - Phantom (Indrajal Comics V25N27)

First, an announcement. I am going to post one very unusual kind of comic in the next three-four days. Based on a recent (but) historic event, or better be said based over the aftermath that followed the event, it is completely different from what we normally expect from a comic story. So much so that the hero and villain both find themselves on the same side, working for a common cause. It features one of today's most famous comic character world over.

Now, Here comes the next page from this interesting phantom tale. Well, the engaging/binding moments are still to arrive in the story.

One panel is slightly cropped. It's my book binders blunder. The idiot carelessly chopped away the portions of the page by not arranging properly the comics before binding them.. You may witness a similar (but far less troubling) repeat of this problem in some more pages. I could have repaired it in photo software, but ultimately decided to leave it for readers imagination and common sense. You may consider it as an exercise.

Happy Reading Friends.

Page 5

Old man Mozz.

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  1. Thanks, TPH. Awaiting your unusual comics.

  2. waiting for tht comic! :-)
    Btwn yes,careless binding results (permanent) damage towards d vintage books like Indrajals!Personally I didn't faced such blunder yet(as I use 2 mention 'em wht 2 do or NOT!),but saw some casual/rubbish works during my several purchahses of IJCs frm Old-sellers!! Some don care if letters/panels got chopped,it's sad...but thankfully ALL R NOT like this & my personal binders done a gr8(n cheaper!) job till now,,, :-)

  3. Can you please post the cover pages,both front & back of the IJC 4(THE IMPOSTER = DOOSRA VETAAL)& 20( THE MYSTERIOUS BANK ROBBERY = RAHASYAMAYA BANK DAKAITY ).
    These are the only early IJC cover pages not posted so far by anyone.
    If you are not having these, I request you to kindly put my appeal through your site.
    Thanks a lot for putting so much of excellent material on IJC so far.
    I am also eagerly waiting for the next post.