Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Phantom Daily D111 - 'Yes' (Strip #09)

The Phantom Daily D111 - 'Yes'                                 (Strip #09)
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  1. Generally, your colouring of the strips is very good. However, this is a curiosity. Why did you colour the Leopard red? Leopards show a great diversity in coat color and rosettes patterns. In general, the coat color varies from pale yellow to deep gold or tawny, and is patterned with black rosettes. The head, lower limbs and belly are spotted with solid black. Coat color and patterning are broadly associated with habitat type. Their rosettes are circular in East Africa but tend to be squarer in southern Africa and larger in Asian populations. Their yellow coat tends to be more pale and cream colored in desert populations, more gray in colder climates, and of a darker golden hue in rainforest habitats. Overall, the fur under the belly tends to be lighter coloured and of a softer, downy type. Solid black spots in place of open rosettes are generally seen along the face, limbs and underbelly.