Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Phantom D179 - Nukes (day 74)

day 74
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4 comment(s):

  1. Thank you for your efforts .. :)
    Much appreciated.

  2. And do lemme know how to get in touch with you.
    Maybe i can send some contributions to your site.

    Sorry if i couldnt find the ways to send mail/msg to you.. But it ll be good if i can send some stuff across.

    1. Thanks Astr. My email ID is there in my blogger profile, a link of which is there in every post. If you click on TPH near the time stamp of the post, you'll get it. For the sake of convenience let me give it here too:

      Thanks. Contributions are welcome.

    2. Dang!
      I generally dont commit such goof ups, and i have sent people msgs in exactly that way.. but maybe cuz i am not too reg with the blog stuff, i do tend to get all tangled up :P .. Sorry bout that buddy.